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Monday, 30 September 2013

How to Change the Default Language of Blogger Dashboard

How to Change the Default Language of Blogger Dashboard
Everyone has their own preferences for what they would be using and what they would not. By default, Blogger dashboards come up with the English language (either United Kingdom or United States) which can be changed easily to any other languages like Spanish, French and etc. Recently, one of our users asked us How to Change The Default Language of Blogger Dashboard? Blogger is available in more than 100 languages so it might help users to understand Blogger more easily though their native language. In this article, we will show you How to Change the Default Language of Blogger Dashboard.

The first thing you need to do to change the language of your Blogger dashboard is to login into your Google Account. After logging into your account, head over to http://www.blogger.com/ where you will notice written English (United Kingdom) on the top right corner of your screen just above the list of your blogs. 

How to Change the Default Language of Blogger Dashboard

Now on pressing the Language button a list drop down list would appear consisting on the languages that you can use. It entirely depends on a person that which language he is willing to use. After choosing a language, reload the page and enjoy blogger dashboard in your native language.

Alternative Method:

If you are too lazy to do a lot of steps, then you can follow an alternative method by directly visiting “Blogger Language Choose Page” http://www.blogger.com/language.g and can simply select the preferred language from the drop down list. Once everything is done press “Save Settings” to complete.

How to Change the Default Language of Blogger Dashboard

Congratulations: You have successfully changed the default language of the Blogger dashboard. Now you can browse it in your own native language. If you want to revert back to default language again then, you can reapply the same steps.

We hope this tip have helped you in learning How to change the default language of Blogger Dashboard.  Most of the folks prefer English, but that doesn’t means there are not people who want it to be in their own native language.

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