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Sunday, 13 October 2013

How to Change the Number of Posts Displayed on Blogger Main Page

How to Change the Number of Posts Displayed on Blogger Main Page
Changing number of posts which display on blogger home page play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. Because if we did this mistake to show large number of posts on home page in blogger blog then chances are higher that your blog will automatically compel on loading time which will surely discourage our readers, visitors and also great difference in traffic. So this concluded that we should show minimum number of posts on blogger homepage, so the loading time of blog decreases and get fast access even through slow internet connection. So one of our user have asked how to display specific number of post to display on home page in blogger blog. Today In this post I will show you How to Edit or Change Number of posts displayed in blogger Homepage.

Why to Display Minimum Posts on Main Page of Blogger?

You might have listened that excess of everything is harmful, So always keep in mind do not compel your blog on loading time for page-views to display large number of posts. Lot of the people show maximum posts to increase the page views rate but it is totally wrong in the eyes of Search Engine and also effect your Page Rank. If possible keep your posts from 5-7 posts on your home page. It would give splendid result and get faster blog loading time. So it concluded to display several posts on home page if someone want to have successful blog.

How to Change Number of Posts on Home Page in Blogger

To change number of posts on blogger homepage is not difficult job. I would show you some simple and easy steps to to this. Just foolow below mentioned steps and enjoy:

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard,
  • Click on Your Desire Blog,
  • Go to to Settings Tab,
  • Click on Posts and Comments,
  • Now write Number of Posts you want to display,
  • Now click on Save Setting, You done almost.
See this image for More Help:
How to Change the Number of Posts Displayed on Blogger Main Page

Note: Please keep number of Posts between 5-7

Did You Like These Boxes?

I think you will like this tutorial. I hope you will like it and use it in your blog posts. Any problem appears in the tutorial then feel free to ask in the comments. Also share your views about this post in comments. Take a lot of care till the next tutorial.

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