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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How to Find Your Post's Secret ID Number in Blogger

How to Find Your Post's Secret ID Number in Blogger
Every post published on your blog has a Unique Identification number (in short ID). Though, most of the time you do not have to care about these post ID numbers, but at the same time it could be accessible in applying different kind of CSS or other expressions to a definite post without smearing the same CSS to the respite of the others. It can used to give a unique kind of individuality of a specific post. In this editorial, we will show you How to Find Your Secret Post ID Number in Blogger.

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The main thing you must to do is to login into your Blogger.com account and head over to the dashboard area. Now from the list of your blogs below your account, go to your Blog >> Posts which will let you to access the list of your posts.

How to Find Your Post's Secret ID Number in Blogger

Now you will see a list of posts that are published on your blog. To find the ID of these posts, you have to click the “Edit” button placed just under the title of each post. After clicking the “Edit” button, you will be capable to see the HTML Editor that is used to edit/create your posts, but that’s not the catch.

How to Find Your Post's Secret ID Number in Blogger
If you check the URL in the address bar of the browser towards the end of the address you would see nearly like this postID==XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX where the "X's" characterizes your Post's ID. For more broad information, check out the below given screenshot.

Post's Secret ID Number in Blogger

The Number ID has 19 digest codes, so before you use them make assured that you are copying the right numbers in the particular arrangement.

We hope this minor tutorial has facilitated you in learning how to find your Secret Post ID number in blogger. In our upcoming tutorials, we will be coaching you how you can use these ID numbers to add some additional undercurrents to your blog. If you like this article, feel free to share it on Facebook and on the web.

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